– About me –

Hi, my name is Lisalotte. Here you will find my (drone) photos and videos, the social media management and branding projects I took on, my blog full of Amsterdam hotspots and plant-based recipes and a discount to some sustainable products. Feel free to head over to my Instagram as well. I love telling stories about my favourite places in Amsterdam, the wonderful people I meet with interesting visions and ideas they turned into (sustainable) business, and the surrounding nature.

In case you consider working with me: I take on projects in regards to social media management and branding, next to that I take photos, I make short videos and I write. I also do influencer marketing. During my masters in Business Administration and the past 3 years working for one of the directors of the municipality of Amsterdam, I started to develop my creative side more. I’m all about sustainability and I love being in nature. If you are interested in starting a project, feel free to send me an email or check out my Instagram for more of my work. I focus on local, small-scale, sustainable companies or startups with a small budget, but I’m open to other requests as well.

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